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    A friend of mine has just bought O365 for Outlook, Word, etc but couldn't get their '' email setup. It kept asking for the password so they called me !

    I logged in via the web browser ok and saw an automated email to say a login attempt had been blocked due to the request coming from an app not meeting modern security standards.....Outlook for O365 ?

    I tried the solution which was to 'Allow apps that use less secure sign-in' and now Outlook can set the account up.

    It's using IMAP/SSL settings, so what's all that about ?

    Is Outlook using SSL/IMAP settings not considered secure ?

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    I've just started using Crashplan for backing up my computer(s), I have about 455GB of data across my local PC and two NAS folders, and it's taken about a week and a half to back up 330GB, but the last few days it hasn't moved much beyond that (100MB here or there). What's confusing is the PC app claims "99.9% backed up" or something similar (as do the automated reports I get emailed to me), but when I go to the Restore tab in the app and select all my backed up locations the total shows 330GB. It gets even more confusing as when I drill down through the folder tree some folders appear to be fully backed up (though in one case the number of files appears right, the file size of the backed up files appears to be larger than the source files), some folders are not backed up at all. If it wasn't for this last point I might suspect that Crashplan was compressing the total file size of my back up; but the fact that some folders aren't there and that some of those that are there are reporting larger file sizes than the originals, makes me doubt that it's a compression issue.

    So I'm left to conclude that it's just a case of Crashplan not backing up all of my files. However, there doesn't seem to be any way to determine whether it's a case of Crasphplan not getting round to those files yet, or if it has decided it can't (or won't) back up those files.

    By and large Crashplan seems to be a good product but if I can't be assured that it has actually backed up everything, then it's next to useless. Does anyone have any suggestions for either pushing the app to upload the remaining files, or a way to ascertain whether something is blocking it from uploading the remaining 120GB?

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    Hi there

    Is there any server or apps that can save contact phone number as read only and can be access by several device?

    Thank you


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  • 06/04/17--19:35: Cloud Backup
  • I am interested in using some form of Cloud Backup to store my backups. I looked at Crash Plan but that seems to be a complete backup of data using their software. Maybe I misunderstand CrashPlan but how does one recover a complete OS if you had to restore the entire computer, does one have to rebuild the OS first then reinstall CrashPlan and then download the rest of ones data from their cloud? I prefer to backup completely my computers using either AOMEI or VEEAM and then store that single encrypted file off site somewhere. Cost would be a factor as I haven't won the lottery.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

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    I am looking for a backup solution for my customers who are have Google Apps or Office 365 accounts.

    I have looked at StorageCraft, Veeam, Spanning, Acronis, Backupify .. but have so far rejected all of them for one or more of the following reasons:

    don't support two-factor authentication on the account

    don't support small businesses due to licensing model eg minimum 5 licenses

    cloud only backup .. to back up cloud data a local copy is surely preferable

    shared mail accounts in O365 not supported

    I personally use Cloudpull software from Golden Hill but it is unfortunately G-Suite only and only for OS X, but it works well and is a one time license so very cost effective.

    Does anyone have a good product to recommend?

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  • 06/09/17--15:07: iCloud alias mail to Gmail
  • I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this so here will do.

    A friend has an iCloud email alias in his iCloud account that he's been inadvertently been sending emails from, and thus getting replies to, from his iPhone which is not what he wanted. The IOS MAIL app was configured with an iCloud account and a Gmail account and there seems to be no way to configure the Gmail account as the default to send from account (seems this was removed between IOS8 and IOS 10) when there's also a configured iCloud account in the MAIL app. So to get around that I've turned off iCloud mail in SETTINGS. Now it sends from the Gmail account configured in the IOS MAIL app by default which is good (although I wish it would just use the app of your choice like Android).

    But I've been trying to configure Outlook 2010 on his PC as an IMAP client to the iCloud account but I just can't get it to work. I've used the settings here which is clearly up-to-date with the login as the iCloud account login and I've tried the alias but the test connection won't work no matter what combination of possible settings I try. I can't even get Gmail to collect the email from the iCloud account mailbox because Gmail only collects via POP and from what I've seen iCloud doesn't do POP.

    Basically all I want to do is move all the emails from his iCloud mailbox (Inbox and Sent) to his Gmail account and have any future incoming mail to his iCloud address collected by Gmail just as it does with his iHUG address (which he refuses to give up).

    Has anyone got any ideas how to best accomplish what should really be a relatively straight forward thing?

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    I've been learning HTML and CSS and hope to move on to JavaScript and PHP next, mostly just to keep my brain sharp. I'll eventually want to use my knowledge to put up a website.

    Having learnt how to code all this stuff from scratch I don't want to waste it by using a WYSIWYG program. Even if I could afford to buy one. I've been using Netbeans as my editor.

    Google has not been my friend as I try to figure out how:

    Make links in HTML files so I can link from one page to the next within my website. When I learn about links the examples are always to either an external web address, or say an image file in the same folder. Or do I have to know what the web address for each page will be when I write the code for the link?

    When I have somehow bundled up all my files ready to go, how do I interact with the web host to upload my files and tie my domain name to them?

    When I google I just get scores of hits from web hosts who either want to just give me a basic template to fill in, or who assume I know heaps. It can't be that hard - I just need a guide.

    Can anyone post a link that will help?

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